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Your home is a huge financial commitment! Buying/selling your home is an extremely strenuous time for yourself, and your family. This is why when it comes to choosing the REALTOR®, you should settle for nothing less than the perfect fit. Finding the correct REALTOR® will ensure the best possible results while making the process of buying or selling your home that much more comfortable.

Here are a few tips to help you find that perfect REALTOR® for your needs

What to make of recommendations

Recommendations are fantastic! But...just because a specific REALTOR® worked for someone else's situation may not mean that same REALTOR® will work for yours! Everyone is different, everyone has different preferences. We encourage you to openly accept recommendations but do your research into some other potential agents as well.

Just because you know a REALTOR®. Doesn't mean you need to hire that REALTOR®.

It may seem like the easiest solution when looking for a REALTOR®. However, hiring a friend to help you with your real estate transaction may not be the best solution as it blurs the line between your business life and home life. Buying or selling your home should be a private experience and sharing your financial capabilities with your friends may eventually strain that relationship. Keep your REALTOR® friends in your back pocket but we encourage you to once again, do your research into other potential candidates as well.

Conduct a social media search!

It seems like every REALTOR® is on social media somewhere nowadays. Agents are all over social media sharing their listings, providing video tours and in many cases, displaying some of their interests outside of their careers as well. Conducting a quick social media search can assist you in choosing an agent you will feel more comfortable in working with and possibly even share some common interests with.

Neighbourhood Specialists

If you have your search narrowed down to a specific neighbourhood, try to look for a REALTOR® who specializes in that area! Many agents have a lot of experience within specific neighbourhoods. This could be because they have experience buying/selling in that area or in many cases, they may actually reside themselves in that neighbourhood. Choosing a REALTOR® who knows the community inside and out, its trends, its people, its potential can save you time, money and make the process as seamless as possible.


You want a REALTOR® who communicates regularly. When it comes down to crunch time, you're going to need a REALTOR® that you know is there for you and will pick up the phone when needed. When you've narrowed the potential candidates down to a suitable amount, give them a call and see who picks up the phone!

You're going to be communicating with this individual for days, weeks and sometimes even months. You're going to want a REALTOR® you can rely on.

At First Canadian Century 21, we have over 200 REALTORS® standing by to assist you with your buying and selling needs.

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