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So you're looking to build a profession in Real Estate. Century 21 First Canadian Corp. provides FREE Study Help to those in the process of obtaining their Real Estate licence. By appointment only, we allow future Real Estate professionals to fully immerse yourself in the career. Come into our professional office space, receive one-on-one assistance and surround yourself with current real estate professionals.

Learn more than just what's in your textbook, learn the profession!

Proven Results

"The study help I received from Kevin at Century 21 has been an asset in being able to complete pre-registration courses. Kevin as well as the other students are open-minded and create a healthy learning environment through conversation on the topics covered by OREA. Kevin works hard and offers lots of support to make sure that everyone understands the content. The location in which the study groups are located is within the Century 21 office and this adds value in itself as to learn about the internal operations and procedures of the brokerage as well as an opportunity speak to practicing agents while in the study group." – Rob Hanson.

"The Century 21 study group helped me to prepare for my real estate exams. I was able to absorb information more efficiently working within a group. Each group member has different qualities and ideas to offer. I found studying by myself will always get me one perspective; yet, in groups, you may receive various viewpoints which can assist in helping you reach your own conclusions. Listening and asking questions also provided me more food for thought developing my critical skills. It also helped ease my anxiety before the big test, because we would tackle practice exams together. I would definitely recommend this study group to aspiring sales representatives." -- Mark Vieira.

“Your success is our success” is Century 21’s motto and I truly believe in the meaning behind these words. I joined a study group in the middle of my journey to complete my real estate courses and I could not be more grateful for the support and guidance I’ve received. I feel fortunate to learn with like-minded people in a welcoming and non-judgemental atmosphere. We meet every Saturday and have committed to helping each other grow as strong professional entrepreneurs. The group is funded and coordinated by the broker of record, Vito Campanale, and run by Kevin Dunklee, the accountant at Century 21. Kevin’s knowledge, kind demeanor and focus help the group feel that we can reach the goal of being successful realtors. This group would have not been possible without Vito Campanale’s supportive and inspiring guidance and his overwhelming eagerness to build as a team and seek help from his dedicated staff. I have felt welcomed at the Century 21 office and was invited to their annual award show and got to meet more of their incredible staff members. Thank you very much for the opportunity, the inspiration, the guidance and the plethora of knowledge." – Mila Hernandez.

“Century21 First Canadian Corp. Provides support for a support group to help students who are studying to be a Registrant/Realtor complete their required courses. Courses now being offered online do not provide the human element where students can ask questions and discuss various relevant issues in the Real Estate Brokerage business with the study group leader and the broker of record with 35 years of experience. The study groups have proven to help students get better marks and complete their course requirements.” - Vito Campanale

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